and twice as drunk
every year i get half as pretty

hello my name is neeners and this is my personal blog. i'm a twenty-two year old college graduate that isn't quite sure where she's going - but i want to start working on a novel. my idol and inspiration is helena bonham carter. i'm very much in love with johnny depp and tim burton. on this blog i will pretty much post anything and everything that i love - comics, books, hunger games, harry potter, cillian murphy, horror, ezra miller, meryl streep, etc. my walking dead blog:

⦿ scott mccall ∙ werewolf ∙ selfless ∙ heroic ∙ conflicted ∙ tyler posey

when the hour is nigh and hopelessness is sinking in.  and the wolves all cry to fill the night with hollering.  when your eyes are red and emptiness is all you know.  i’m bleeding out, so if the last thing that i do is to bring you down, i’ll bleed out for you.  so i bare my skin and i count my sins and i close my eyes and i take it in.  i’m bleeding out for you.